wnbr amsterdam

WNBR Amsterdam

The World Naked Bike Ride in Amsterdam (July 2nd, 2022) is an amazing experience that everybody can either participate in, witness or support. It is a cheerful, light-hearted way to stand up against oil dependency and car culture. And that is even more relevant this year! It is also a signal that we are not impressed …

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The Naked Truth @Greenpeace

The Naked Truth

Public opinion polls seem to have replaced real thought and opinion. The sample group have a very decisive voice in what the ultimate truth will be. It is a worldwide phenomenon. But what if the poll is concerned with naturism? Would we agree with the general view in that case? Here’s the Naked Truth. There …

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world of naturism

World of naturism (a.k.a. a bucket list of countries to visit)

Considering our budget this is not a very realistic list. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming 😉 We have not been to many countries where we had naturist experiences. Our list is limited to Holland (where we live), Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the USA and Curacao. Of course, we understand that this is not a …

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