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At our Nudist Blog you can learn everything there is to know about the world of nudism and naturism. From ‘How did you start?’ and ‘What was your first experience?’ to ‘What has naturism brought to you in life?’ and ‘How many friends have you made in the naturist world?’. Whether you are a newbee or a seasoned nudie: you will enjoy the stories here!

wnbr amsterdam

WNBR Amsterdam

The World Naked Bike Ride in Amsterdam (July 2nd, 2022) is an amazing experience that everybody can either participate in, witness or support. It is

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The Naked Truth @Greenpeace

The Naked Truth

Public opinion polls seem to have replaced real thought and opinion. The sample group have a very decisive voice in what the ultimate truth will

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ntrsm logo

New logo!

A few weeks ago we made a new logo. Some of you may have noticed this on the top of our pages. We hope you

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We hope you enjoyed all the blogs you have read. But why don’t you tell the world about the things you experience? Do you tell your friends or neighbours? Have you discovered a beautifull beach? How was your first experience? have you ever been camping? Just send us your story! We will edit it if you want to. No problem!

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We want the world to know that there are millions of people aaround the globe that love live their lives undressed. And those are normal people like you end me!

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The stories that you send in make this website what it is: a display of naturist life as it is. We love to hear from you! The visitors of this website love to hear from you in this nudist blog. Where do you spend your most ‘nude time’? Do you tell others? What is your favourite thing to do? Are you a solo nudist or not? What’s your dream destination? 

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Be that helping hand! You know that there are many countries where going bare is not accepted (or legal).

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