8 Tips for men that want to try nudism

For outsiders, the naturist world seems to be dominated by men. But if you go to resorts that thought will soon change. However, it is a fact that men are easier to be found on nude beaches and tend to have less problems with going bare. But that does not mean that every guy goes naked in a blink. There are a lot of men that struggle with that first step into the bare lifestyle. If you are thinking about going naked, then read this article. We are here to help you on the way!

But first: Let’s talk about sex!

Yes. It is a subject that comes into the mind of many men when they think about nudism. Nudism = sex. End of discussion. Period. Let’s move on!

Well: it is a fact that nudists and naturists have sex. But so do mechanics, dentists, bus drivers, golf players, etc. But you have not seen them doing it in the garage, on the road, in the bunker, etc. And you will not see nudists have sex on the beach, in a resort or wherever you may encounter them. Going to a nude beach or campsite has nothing to do with sex. Just keep that in mind!

If you are looking for sex then this whole article will be a big disappointment. A nude beach looks like any other beach. Not like a swingers club. The people you’ll see are not carefully selected models. They are like you, your neighbors, colleagues, etc. That’s the cool thing about nudism and naturism: it is for everyone! But it is not a place for inappropriate behavior. If you see people behave in a bad way: just call the police!

The first time on nude beach

Yes, chances are, that you’re nervous to go naked the first time. But just as we advise women: it’s a clothing optional beach. You can go naked right away. Or take it slow. But in the end: if you are the only person wearing clothes: you are the odd one out. So: go in style and take your time. But if you discover it is not for you? Then just leave.

Do I need to be in good shape?

Yes. Health is of essence to all of us. Nude or not nude. But if you think that you should look like Ronaldo, Mr Universe or Tom Cruise, then you are wrong. A good health is one of the greatest assets in life. So you should at least try to get one. But for visitors to a nude beach, resort or sauna there is no maximum weight. Everybody is welcome. So go and try nudism wherever you want. And yes penis-wize: size doesn’t matter.

What should I do, once I get there?

I have met with several newbees. Some of them were over-eager to show that they were not nervous. And in that way they showed they were exactly very so. To them I say: just relax! It is not a contest. You don’t get judged by the number of people you have spoken to. Or the many miles you have gone forward in the pool. Or the miles you have walked.

You will notice that people mind their own business. They our out to have fun, relax or just catch up with the people they know. And so should you. Do what you normally do. I always try to read, but in the end I never get further then 3 pages. Simply because the sun always gets me in the mood to meditate.

Nudists and the sunscreen issue

Yes: you should use sunscreen. Especially in this day and age where the power of the sun seems to get stronger and stronger every year. You don’t want cancer. You don’t want to get a sunburn. And most of all: you don’t want to get a sunburn on your private parts. That hurts. It hurts a lot. And parts of your body that are not used to getting sun are very sensitive at first. So don’t be a fool: use sunscreen with a high factor.

Nudists and Hair issues

Hair is a subject that gets discussed a lot. We mean pubic hair of course. Should you go smooth? Trim? Just let it al grow? Yes you should choose one of these three options (or any other option if there is). But in the end: nobody cares. Only you are worried about it. Would you stand out once you have chosen? No. You won’t. It is that simple.

Are piercings accepted in the nudist world?

Yes and no. There are resorts that really don’t want to stand in your way of life. But some resorts think piercings are a way to express yourself sexually. And they don’t want any link with sex in the public space of their resort. It is as simple as that.

On public beaches these rules don’t apply. There are no written rules. But be aware that there are a lot of people there that are guarding the atmosphere of their beach. So, again, be aware that a beach is not a swingers club.

Are you Spencer Tunick?

Then you know the rules. If not: never take anyone’s photo without permission. If you take a photo and you can recognize a person: don’t use it outside your private space. But a warning here is of use: you don’t want to get addressed by the local police force. And people will call the police if they think you are acting inappropriately.

No clothes? No erections!

It is very inappropriate to walk around with your pride and joy looking up to the sun. Why on earth would you have the idea that it is totally acceptable? It is not. Again: it is not a swingers club. Don’t do it.

Nevertheless: it can happen. An erection that is. It never happened to me, but I have heard that it has happened to some guys. And to be honest: you will feel awkward. And there is just one remedy: don’t get out of the water or just turn around on your belly. And wait till it is over.

Get your Zen Certificate!

Self-acceptance and total relaxation in a stress-free environment are among the greatest contributions nudism and naturism has to offer in your life. If you feel self-conscious about your body, chances are any concern will disappear in no time. Nudists come in all sorts, shapes and sizes and you are invited! Just try it.

We are convinced this will lead to total acceptance of who you are on the inside as well as on the outside. You will stop judging yourself and others on the basis of physical appearance. That is truly empowering! Feel no pressure. Be part of this community. Feel the mutual respect. Feel at home. Relate to others on the basis of who you really are, rather than what your clothes say about you.

Nudism (naturism) is the perfect way to escape from your busy life for an afternoon, a weekend, or an extended vacation. Leave all excess baggage behind. And find yourself in a Zen State of Mind!

Do you want your Zen Certificate send to you by email? Just let us know!

What is nudism?

The common definition is that it is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. But, since a definition is not helpful at all, we advise you to experience it yourself. Do that before you can understand it. Find out what it does to you. How you look at yourself. And how you look at others!

How many nudists are there in the world?

Worldwide there are more than 100 million nudists and naturists around. You can find them at local nude beaches, naturist resorts, in saunas and at meetings of nudist and naturists events.

Is nudism a religion? Nudism is not a religion, but it may look like one. Because there is a true community spirit on most clubs, campings, resorts, sauna’s, beaches, etc. It is also in the respectful way naturists talk about nature, about people and the respect and body-confidence they have in general. They say: by taking your clothes your true spirit can come out and shine.